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About myPTsolutions

We maintain strong relationships with Rehabilitation Managers all across the country. Every day we receive staffing requests from premier therapy providers. When you browse through our search jobs section, you are viewing an accurate and relevant list of real jobs. If you don't see a job here that interests you, please contact us. We may have a lead on something in your area that hasn't been posted yet. Don't wait! High demand travel jobs open and close quickly, sometimes within minutes.

Being a therapist owned company means we strive to make sure the therapist wins, as well as our customer. We are truly empathetic to your needs because we've been there. We have narrowed our focus to only physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy because that is what we know and love. And we are really good at it!

Anyone considering an employment move wants to consider all their options. But who has the time and resources to investigate ALL the opportunities available and know if you're getting the best deal? Well we do. Our staff combs through all the available opportunities that match your criteria and present you with all of your options. By the way, everything is kept strictly confidential to ensure your privacy. In other words, we act as your personal agent to locate your ideal job!

There are no obligations, no upfront fees, and no risks for exploring your options. If we find a job you're interested in, and you want to apply, we'll explain the responsibilities clearly, so you can feel confident that you understand the ins and outs of taking the job.


myPTsolutions exists to CONNECT and SERVE with Compassion, Excellence and Dedication.

It is our vision to connect exceptional therapy talent with quality organizations providing therapy services. We realize we are only as strong as our team and proactively invest in our shared future by attracting and retaining professionals with superior talent and a servant's heart. Our culture is defined by a team of individuals who display servant leadership, build life-giving relationships, serve with compassion, and commit to continuously improve our effectiveness.

We exist to connect and serve what we do is therapy staffing.

Our Values


We believe that compassion is the foundation of healthcare. We serve others because we truly care about them.

Optimal Margins

Margin is a word that we use to describe the balance between work, family and fun. We strive to maintain this balance. We also strive to balance profitability and productivity, with the welfare of our patients and employees.


We strive to be honest in all we do. We try to communicate both positives and negatives of every situation, so employees know what to expect when they arrive at their job. We under promise so that we can over deliver!

Invest in Others

We hope that each customer and employee is blessed because of the interaction they have with myPTsolutions. Our goal is to build people up during the time they spend with us so when they leave, they are happier and feel more fulfilled than when they came.


We strive to do our work with excellence.

Comprehensive Decisions

We use evidence based practices in our therapy, and utilize research and facts base decision making in our business processes.


We seek to earn the trust of our clients and employees by being trustworthy.

Head Quarters

Schenectady, NY, USA



Company Size

11-50 employees


(616) 741-4165