The Fusion of Machine Learning and Human Experience

Our recruitment technology is built by engineers with expertise in recruiting and machine-learning. Over 400,000 hours of data collection has been invested to create the most powerful healthcare recruitment tool in the industry. With every healthcare job on the interent updated in real-time and based on local market demand, you never have to worry about missing another job opportunity or talented job seeker.

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Suite of Tools

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Our artificial-intelligence-powered optimization of job posts for over 25 “signals” that factor into Google for Jobs rankings.

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Proprietary software created by the our team allowing recruiters to send personalized interactions via Email, SMS, and In-App messaging.

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Machine-Learning model used to match candidate resumes to client job postings and recruiter search queries based on the skills required.

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Instant background checks and license tracker that continuously monitors on-demand staff's ability to work.

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Proprietary video interview software that allows scheduled or instant connections.

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Geo-location-based time-cards used to provide same-day pay for on-demand workers.

MedicHire Solutions

Utilizing the MedicHire Suite of Tools, we have developed four product lines targeting the specific needs of both the job-seeker and the healthcare organization.


Our job search website allows job-seekers to search and apply for open positions indexed from thousands of websites. We offer potential candidates a one-stop solution for searching for healthcare specific jobs.


MedicSource combines the power of MedicCast with the added benefits of MedicMatch and MedicBlast. This solution allows recruiters to take advantage of our job post-optimization model and automate pushing job posts to Google for Jobs and other job boards. In addition, the system will automatically match the job post to potential candidate resumes already in our system and send a notification based on their communication preference.


MedicSearch combines our MedicMatch technology with communication tools built to assist recruiters find and connect with potential candidates. For example, recruiters can search our database of resumes with intelligent search assistance and then send personalized communication interactions to candidates that match their desired skills. Additionally, a candidate interested in the position can instantly connect with a recruiter for a video interview.


MedicNow combines MedicMatch, MedicBlast, MedicConnect, MedicScreen, and MedicPay to provide healthcare providers with access to hire and pay shift workers. This comprehensive solution offers a quick, easy, and reliable source for staffing shifts until a position is filled.

Healthcare Hiring Made Easy

Healthcare recruiting in today's climate is complex and competitive. Let our algorithm fill your inbox with resumes and help you automate the interview process.