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Nexus Health Systems


About Nexus Health Systems

A health system designed to provide the best outcomes through post-acute, integrated healthcare

It’s comforting to know there is a place out there ready to help you or your loved one through the next step in the journey

Complex injuries and illnesses, behavioral challenges, and mental illness can bring so many emotions — fear, confusion, anger, sadness. But with Nexus Health Systems, we work hard to make an overwhelming time less challenging. The goal of our staff is to hear testimonials like this“Nexus knows what to expect and they have the right experience. I feel like I can trust them with what we want to accomplish…I just love what they do here.”

Together, with our patients, residents, their families, and guardians, we look forward to the many milestones reached as we’re providing integrated healthcare andmending minds.

There are many options out there — why integrated healthcare at Nexus?

Nexus was founded more than 30 years ago to serve individuals who fell through the cracks — those whose needs weren’t being met in existing medical settings. We pioneered the field of brain injury rehabilitation in the ’90s, making it possible for individuals to receive the physical and behavioral health treatment they needed. Today, we’re leading another shift in healthcare, one that takes the whole person into view when it comes to treatment: integrated health care. The individuals we serve benefit from holistic services that care for the entire person.Just like needs of communities across our nation are changing, Nexus is proud to be evolving programs and services. We’re stepping up to help those who may not have anywhere else to receive the care they need for lasting outcomes.

Bringing the pieces together to heal the whole person

Tangrams bring seven shapes together to form a design — and like the puzzle, Nexus offers a variety of programs, services, treatments, and medical professionals to provide the right combination of comprehensive care. Here are seven ways Nexus is doing things differently to help a future take shape for individuals in our care.

Nexus Network. So many individuals with complex needs don’t receive the healthcare they need and deserve — but not with Nexus. Taking a holistic view of our patients, we meet physical, behavioral, mental, and social needs. What does that mean for people in our care? Nexus has everything under one roof to help set them up for success now and in the future.

Continuum of Care. Nexus’ programs and services follow the individual on his or her rehabilitation journey. We offer a variety, so as individuals make progress, they receive care tailored to their new and often ever-changing needs. Multiple care settings within one health system also means continuity of care — something very important when it comes to meaningful healing.

Programs. Nexus programs are evidence-based and tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. Our team has developed them to be challenging and motivating to help our patients and residents return to lives of productivity and meaning.

Services. With varying levels of medical, rehabilitative, and behavioral health services, our patients and residents receive comprehensive, integrated healthcare that addresses all barriers to successful recovery.

360 Care Coordination. Too often, patients leave care facilities in a stable condition, only to be rehospitalized after discharge. We identify individuals with particularly complex needs and provide training and assistance to caregivers. The goal is to support the transition from hospital to home, ensuring successful outcomes long after discharge.

Nexus Champions. Our patients and residents are inspiring. You’ll read their stories and hear repeatedly that the odds were against them — and look how far they’ve come. We encourage you to check out their stories.

Outcomes. Data, satisfaction surveys, and progress help inform our decisions regarding program efficacy and more. Read our latest quality reports for findings from across our health system.

Head Quarters

2709 Transit Road, Newfane, NY, USA



Company Size

501-1,000 employees


(713) 355-6111