Acute Home Healthcare

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About Acute Home Healthcare

Acute Home Health Care was founded to provide high quality health care to patients and clients in their homes. We offer a coordinated system of comprehensive, multidisciplinary health care services in a patients environment to maintain and/or restore health and minimize the effects of illness and disability on a per visit or continuous care basis. AHHC has a multi-lingual staff that is proficient in: Arabic, Farsi, Filipino, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Spanish, Urdu and many other languages. This will optimize the delivery with servicing our multi-ethnic groups throughout the Tri-County area. The Mission of Acute Home Health Care (AHHC) is to provide a wide range of professional, high quality, cost effective health care service; while ensuring compassionate care that is designed to maintain patient's dignity, autonomy and comfort. Institutional care can be costly furthermore patients and families would rather receive care in their own home as long as possible. AHHC is committed to service the needs of the patient by maximizing their independence and safety in the environment of there own home. Acute provides a complete care coverage and allows patients, families, and providers to stay with their home care provider of choice.